Lets see those completed Atomic Ray Guns!

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With several of the Atomic Ray Guns out in the wild, I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!  I know some will have alternating colors, others with specific colors for their favorite sports team or other fun ideas.  I know a couple different people who were going to try glow epoxy instead of vials to make their Atomic Ray Gun glow.  Let’s see them!

If you share your Atomic bead on Instagram, please be sure to tag me @mstheiner or hashtag #atomicraygun or #raygundivision and I may repost some of them on my feed.

Over on the USN, user aerodrew posted the first pic I’ve seen of a full Atomic Ray Gun in customer hands.  Andrew went with ice blue vials and I think his bead looks fantastic!  Thanks for sharing the pic and I look forward to seeing many more.


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