Taking a short break

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Lots of folks have asked about the next Ray Gun bead drops. I’m going to take a couple weeks “off” from the project as we are taking some R&R time together as a family. Lots more fun stuff in the works for the Ray Gun bead project, so don’t worry – I’m not going away any time soon. Just need to focus a bit on family and other things but promise to be back at it in a couple weeks with some new and fun finishes and variants. Next drops will likely be the weekend of April 9-10 or April 16-17, depending on “real life” demands on my time go.

One question to ponder while I’m on this short hiatus: What would YOU as Ray Gun fans like to see? I have experimented with the 3D printing thing a bit and while the Atomic printed beads won’t accept vials without a good bit of fiddling around (due to material shrinkage, etc), it would be possible to run some regular non-atomic designs that are hard to manufacture via other methods. Would 3D printed beads be something folks would like? I know some have mentioned interest in machined brass or bronze and that’s a distinct possibility as well if there’s enough interest.

If you feel compelled to sound off, you can comment on my Instagram post on this topic: Instagram

I have some other new designs already drawn up and in the works, so regardless there’s plenty more Pew-Pew-Pew to come…

Thanks again to everybody for your enthusiasm and support of the Ray Gun Bead Project!