Mk.IV Ray Guns in Cobalt Blue Ti

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Independence Day drops are going to be some “people’s choice” beads. Folks have been asking for all three of the drops today and I hope you like them!

First up are some Mk.IV Ray Guns in Cobalt Blue Titanium. I was able to get some really nice, deep blue on these, they are always a fan favorite.

The Mk.IV Ray Gun in Cobalt Blue Ti are $90 each, shipped to US addresses. US buyers can purchase using the PayPal button below. Buyers outside the US can hit the PayPal button to purchase and then contact me for a USPS Priority shipping quote at – Typically this ends up being an additional $15-25 due to Priority International cost. Shipment overseas at via any method other than tracked Priority or Express is at the buyer’s risk.

*** SOLD OUT ***