Beware of Fakes!

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Yes, sadly the Ray Gun bead has been “knocked off” and there are fakes floating around. These fake Ray Guns have been listed on auction sites and even on Amazon. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. They keep popping up, and we keep smacking them on the head and having them taken down.

I’ve had folks ask a few times, “how can I tell a real Ray Gun bead from a fake?” To date, the only fakes we’ve seen were done in Titanium and although I haven’t had one in-hand, the original Ray Gun bead is 0.620″ in diameter and just a shade over 1″ long. But ultimately, all Ray Gun beads sold by myself or the dealers we’ve worked with include a hand-filled product card.

Keep those product cards, folks. Much like the beautiful beads by Starlingear and others, the card is more or less a certificate of authenticity. There are a couple different versions of the card, one with the company motto at the bottom, and another with the website. Both are pictured below. If you ever have a question about the authenticity of a Ray Gun bead, you can contact the Ray Gun Division using the contact form on this site for help.

Appreciate your support for the project, as always.

Ray Gun Product Cards