Hard at work at the Department of Secret Projects Department

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The boys in the back room of the Department of Secret Projects Department have been hard at work to develop some new Ray Gun bead designs for the Ray Gun faithful. Spy photos of a couple of the new designs are below.

The first is a modification of the Mk.I Ray Gun, called the Mk.I-B “Blunderbuss.” You can see a render below in blue, this design has an oversized flared muzzle.

The second (in red) is a nasty one with fluted cooling ribs and a new 10-fin base. There are flutes cut into the crown of the muzzle as well, this one has lots of detail. Special Clearance and training will be required for operation of this new Mk.X design Ray Gun aka. “The Devastator.”

Hope to bring some of these too you soon.


Mk.X Devastator