Mk.VII “Soyuz” Ray Gun Beads in 3D Printed Colors

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These are a collaboration between Desmobot’s Robotic Synthesis Division and the Ray Gun Division – the Mk.VII “Soyuz” Ray Gun bead in 3D printed colors. This is a plastic-type material, which means that they are super lightweight, under 2 grams each. The benefits are: 1) bright, vivid color, 2) the fact that they won’t scratch up your gear nearly as much as metal beads will, and 3) I can offer them to you at pricing notably below where I sell the metal beads.

I have these in four colors: Black, Orange, Green and Yellow. They have a matte surface finish.

The Mk.VII Ray Guns in 3D Printed colors are $48 each, shipped to US addresses, more for international.

*** SOLD ***

Mk.VII Soyuz in 3D Print