Mk.II Atomic Ray Guns in Oil Slick Zirc

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This iridescent “oil slick” finish on zirconium is always a winner. I’m gonna go ahead and throw an exploding fist bump at the Department of Secret Projects on this one, the colors on these are CRAZY. There are flashes of blue, green, pink, purple and other colors, each of which pop out in the sunlight – especially around the muzzle and fins. Best part of all, thanks to our friend Mr. Torch, there are no two exactly alike. Here’s a (very) small drop of Mk.II Atomic Ray Guns in oil slick zirc.

**The Atomic Ray Gun beads have provisions for up to twelve (12) 1.5mm x 6mm trit vials, which you’ll need to secure with Norland 61 or another suitable epoxy. The beads are UNLOADED, meaning you are on your own to source the vials and install. I do not have vials for sale and trit vials ARE NOT included with the bead.**

Mk.II Atomic Ray Guns in Oil Slick Zirconium are $140 each, shipped to US addresses. US buyers can purchase using the PayPal button below. Buyers outside the US can hit the PayPal button to purchase and then contact me for a USPS Priority shipping quote at – Typically this ends up being an additional $15-25 due to Priority International cost. Shipment overseas at via any method other than tracked Priority or Express is at the buyer’s risk.

*** SOLD OUT ***