EMail Alerts for Ray Gun Bead Drops!

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Having trouble catching my drops? Been wanting a Ray Gun Bead but can’t seem to catch them before they’re sold out? The Department of Secret Projects has been working on a solution for you. No, no, not new forms of disintegration – an email subscription to Ray Gun Division!

Go to the front page and scroll down a bit, and you’ll see a small section that says “Need EMail Alerts?” Yes, friends, this is your new pal, the email subscription. By signing up to the website, you’ll get an email alert as soon as new drops are posted. There will be occasional news posts, hijinks and shenanigans, but 90% of the site updates are fresh bead drops.

So, join with me and say “High Five, Department of Secret Projects – you’re not just nerdy and weird, but crafty too!”

You can also sign up for EMail alerts using the “EMail Alerts” section of the sidebar to the right (or by scrolling down on this page on mobile).