Mk.II-S Suppressor in Bronze Ti

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The Boys in the Back Room have been spinning some new, previously unreleased flavors of the Mk.II-S Suppressor. For some reason they snicker when I say, “Bob, ‘Suppressor’ has double P, not single P…” People, there are days when it feels like I’m Gru from Despicable Me, not the Chief Engineer and HMFIC of a major Particle Disintegration Manufacturer. Anyway, here’s a very small drop of the Mk.II-S in a deep bronze anodized titanium.

NOTE: The Mk.II-S is a “regular” Ray Gun bead, the muzzle holes are for decoration only and not sized for tritium vials. Only the beads labeled Atomic Ray Gun are configured for Trit vials. That said, someone handy with glow powder and epoxy could do something very cool with those muzzle holes to make them glow. Just sayin’…

Mk.II-S Suppressor Ray Guns in deeply bronzed Titanium are $85 each, shipped to US addresses. US buyers can purchase using the PayPal button below. Buyers outside the US can hit the PayPal button to purchase and then contact me for a USPS Priority shipping quote at – Typically this ends up being an additional $15-30 due to Priority International cost, depending on location. Please Note: Shipment outside the US via any method other than tracked Priority or Express is at the buyer’s risk.

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