Fun Stuff! Mk.IV Atomic Rayguns in Fade Anodized Ti

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I’ve had folks clamoring for more of the Atomic Ray Gun beads. These are the variant with provisions for up to twelve (12) tritium vials. The beads are sold “unloaded,” but the provisions are there if the user wants to install their own vials. For info on where you might source the vials and the (easy) installation process, check the News section of my site for a couple posts with details: LINK

These are Mk.IV raw Ti beads with a cool fade anodized pattern. They start out bronze/gold at the base and fade through purple to a strong cobalt blue at the muzzle. I really dig this look, it’s like a gold Ray Gun that got run at too high a fire or energy rate and blued the muzzle. Ha!

Note that these are finished by hand, one at a time. As a result, there is a little variation in the amount of purple in the bead, as seen in the pic below. They’re all bright blue at the muzzle and gold/bronze at the base, but vary a little in the middle. These are a pain, so the drop is small…

The Mk.IV Atomic Ti in Kool Guy Fade are $100 each, shipped to US addresses. US buyers can purchase using the PayPal button below. Buyers outside the US can hit the PayPal button to purchase and then contact me for a shipping quote at – Typically this ends up being an additional $15-20 due to Priority International cost.

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