Mk.I-B in Superfade Ti

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The Boys in the Back Room at the Department of Secret Projects are always cooking up crazy new ideas. They came up with this “Superfade” finish some time back and there have only been one or two experimental drops of … Read More

Mk.I-B in Toxic Green Ti

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One of the colors I’m asked most frequently about is bright green Ti, and the last drop of green was snatched up quickly. Anyone who has done titanium anodizing knows that green is probably the most difficult color to get … Read More

Mk.I-B in Matte Cobalt Ti

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Here’s a small experimental batch of Mk.I-B Blunderbuss Ray Guns in a matte, Cobalt Blue Ti finish. These are deeply etched, but almost look blasted in appearance. They have some slight purple overtones as well, which appear in the sunlight. … Read More

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